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Self-proclaimed foodies Aaron and Lychelle Day loved eating out. But by 2008 they had 3 young children, and found that while they enjoyed eating out (especially not having the added mess and dishes at home), they struggled with finding places to eat that were both health centered and family friendly. That was when the idea for Blue Lemon first came to them. They realized they wanted more—more of healthy cuisine, with a culinary experience and exciting atmosphere that focuses on community and family.

They then went to work creating their industry-changing restaurant­, and doing it right. The clean menu leaves you feeling good, with options that excite the taste buds and raise the bar for what a dining experience means, both in food and atmosphere, all while continuing to be family friendly! They also made sure to be respectful of the surrounding environment, using recycled chairs, cups and eating ware, focusing on local products and vendors, reducing waste and having a positive impact on the surrounding communities.

In 2009 they opened their first restaurant, and to their surprise it was a great success. The Blue Lemon initiative continued to gain attention, attracting eaters of all varieties, helping the restaurant grow to six locations in Utah, with still more growth on the horizon. The state’s dining environment is now changing, and guests are realizing what they’ve been missing. Health, taste, atmosphere, and convenience all in one setting isn’t an impossibility any longer. Besides, it’s great food, and a fun place to hang out!

Pure, Clean Food

What is “pure clean food with a twist?” The elevated food quality, fresh ingredients, unique flavor combinations sets Blue Lemon apart. We believe in supporting local agriculture, and in leaving a small footprint. We believe people can eat better.


Just as consumers have grown tired and bored of traditional casual dining, Blue Lemon emerges with its unique dishes that offer superb nutrition without sacrificing taste. We realize consumers today want health, taste, convenience and overall value. Based on the belief that food is the foundation of health, Blue Lemon presents an upscale family-friendly environment with a tantalizing menu. What can you expect from your Blue Lemon experience? Amazing food in a vibrant, uplifting atmosphere, where the food is never fried or microwaved, and absolutely never weighed down with anything artificial. You will leave energized, refreshed, and most importantly, satisfied. And we make sure to leave a small environmental footprint by supporting sustainable farming and using recycled materials. In essence, Blue Lemon is the epitome of epicurean excellence.