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Corporate Catering Services for Salt Lake City

Get in touch with Blue Lemon when you’re looking for someone to cater your next corporate event in Salt Lake City. Our professional catering services bring you gourmet food that is fresh and tasty, and it can include variety so everyone will have options to pick from. Make your company lunch or festive get-together at work that much better with corporate catering services from Blue Lemon. 

We are distinguishable from other places because our fast casual restaurant uses fresh ingredients to craft delicious flavor combinations, and we can easily cater for large parties with hundreds of guests in attendance. With our corporate catering services, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or pay more for fine dining frills. Place your inquiry online and we’ll get back to you soon to confirm the order.

Corporate Catering Services for Special Events

Our corporate catering services are designed for special events hosted by companies of all sizes. No matter what you would like from our menu, we have experience doing catered orders for parties small and large companies. Your business can come to us when you need a work brunch, lunch, or holiday party catered and we can accommodate everyone’s dietary preferences. Our catering menu is carefully crafted and varied with delicious menu items that everyone is sure to enjoy. We make it as easy as sending us an online inquiry and waiting to hear back from a member of our team as soon as possible.

These are some of the menu options we provide for corporate events in SLC: 

  • Sandwich platters
  • Specialty entrees
  • Salad platters
  • Banquet choices
  • House soups
  • Starter platters
  • Box meals
  • Beverages
  • Desserts

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What Makes Our Catering Services Better?

When you’re looking for corporate event food that is fresh and delicious, Blue Lemon is the way to go. Our gourmet casual restaurant offers delectable and nutritious menu items that are conveniently delivered for your office event. We serve customers companies in the Salt Lake City area with catered services, and we can set up well-presented banquet platters that will leave a great impression on all your guests. We’re better than other catering services because we have a passion for creating great culinary experiences while using sustainable practices.

Working with fresh food is what allows us to make the great tasting gourmet food that we’re known for. Contact us for corporate catering services, so you can gather with your team and enjoy a great meal together at your next event.

At Blue Lemon, we pride ourselves in being a fast casual restaurant that offers delicious and nutritious food. Our corporate catering menu has something for everyone, from hot dishes and tasty salads to refreshing beverages and sweet treats for dessert. For your next corporate event, contact our team for a whole new catered food experience that will leave a great impression on everyone in attendance. We do gourmet casual food better, so experience the difference for yourself at your next work event. Submit your online inquiry today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm any order details and schedule a date for corporate catering in Salt Lake City.