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Wedding Catering Services in Cottonwood Heights, UT

Blue Lemon wedding catering services are the perfect touch for your special day. The food at a wedding can play a big part in the guests' enjoyment. We want you to be excited about the menu you are presenting, and so we work hard to ensure you are satisfied with the dining options you've selected for your big day.

Because we know how important this celebration is, we design our wedding catering services to provide you with enticing menus consisting of dishes pleasing enough for any pallet. Whether you have a formal sit-down meal with several courses or the elaborate dessert bar of your dreams, Blue Lemon is your premier wedding catering company in Cottonwood Heights, UT.  

Gourmet Wedding Catering Menu

At Blue Lemon, we don't believe that food has to be unhealthy to be delicious, so our focus has always been to use fresh ingredients to create a vibrant, gourmet-casual menu with something for everyone. When we cater your wedding, we make sure that all the food and beverages prepared and served to your guests exceed your expectations.  

There is so much planning and work that takes place well before the big day, so of course you want everything to be perfect.   Blue Lemon wedding catering services are the simplest way to ensure your day runs smoothly. Let our team in Cottonwood Heights, UT, take care of your wedding day meal, and you can turn your attention to more enjoyable matters. 

Healthy eating may not necessarily be the goal as you look for a wedding catering company. Still, with Blue Lemon, you are sure to have that and more because our dining experience is fresh, delicious, and is suitable for every guest. No matter what menu options you select, you can be sure to treat your guests to indulgent and delicious wedding desserts. 

Your Premier Wedding Catering Company

Are you someone who has been fantasizing about your wedding day for as long as you can remember? We take a boutique approach to your wedding catering in Cottonwood Heights. Our wedding catering specialists look forward to helping couples create the most fantastic day of their lives with the people they care about most. As your special day approaches, we are eager to make sure the food is memorable because you deserve your wedding to be perfect in every way.

We begin with a consultation, where we take the time to get to know you and your partner's wants and share our catering menu. With your vision for a beautiful day, the team with Blue Lemon in Cottonwood Heights considers those essential details, and then we prepare a unique wedding catering menu to fit you and your partner perfectly. Blue Lemon has something for everyone, no matter how formal or informal your ceremony and reception are. 

Serve the Best Meal at Your Wedding

Whether you’re planning a small and intimate tying-of-the-knot, or a little larger celebration, Blue Lemon is the wedding catering company to call. Our dedicated catering staff in the Cottonwood Heights area is ready to work with you and your partner. Contact us at (801) 944-7787 now to learn more or to schedule an appointment.